SKACK Helm Charts

Ganga Reddy
1 min readNov 29, 2018


Helm Charts

Think of helm-charts as apt-get of your Ubuntu ( brew install of Mac OS). It provides an easy way to install any application in a consistent way across multiple clusters.

My skack charts could be found at

Helm charts for SKACK ( Spark, Kafka, Akka and Cassandra on Kuberntes ) provides an easy way for a developer to install all these frameworks using a single helm chart. kafka is a messaging system with producers publishing and consumers subscribing to data through topics. Spark apps which act as both producer and consumer depend on the Kafka for temporary persistence and on Cassandra database for permanent storage is dependent on both these charts.

helm repo add skack search sparkhelm install --name spark skack/sparkhelm install --name zook skack/zookeeperhelm install --name kafka skack/kafkahelm install --name cassandra skack/cassandrahelm ls

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